L’OREAL Sublime Sunscreen Review

LOREAL Sublime Sunscreen ReviewI have been in the search of a good sunscreen I guess you could say I’m getting older and I want to start being more cautious about my skin although you should always wear sunscreen no matter what age! I just never knew the importance or even how sunscreen worked. I used to work at a tanning salon so yea you get it. Sunscreen confuses me because the numbers …. 12, 20, 35, 50 etc but after talking to a dermatologist I get it now! The numbers are minutes literally, how many minutes your covered. For your everyday life of school, work, errands etc your okay with applying sunscreen once a day however if you are out in the sun purposely say at the beach, pool, gardening, working out etc you need to reapply every 35,50 mins whatever number your sunscreen says. So enough preaching I was searching for a sunscreen picked this one up at Target on sale for $7.99 org ($9.99) not bad its spf 50. I have no problems with it I love it.

  • Most spf have that “spf smell” this one is very subtle
  • I apply a large pea size amount, it does feel thickish and greasyish, I apply it let it soak and absorb in my skin for 2 minutes
  • After 2 mins I apply my makeup. I don’t find my face to feel oily or get oily throughout the day which is a plus!
  • My makeup looks fine and stays that way all day
  • Recommend this product!

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