I haven’t wrote about Isabella or anything in a while. Truth is I hardly have time to even sit down with a 15 month old!! Yes she is 15 months old already. The time flies as everyone says, but it is true you have to embrace every second you get with your children because that little baby you once had will only be a memory. Even though I am enjoying this stage or should I say this tiring stage I miss that little chunky baby that would just gaze at me. Today Bella actually had her 15 month check up and she is 20 lb 12 oz and she is growing and doing perfectly fine. I have taken a year to care for her because she was premature and because I could, and I am now ready to go back to school and work. At first I loved staying home with her even though I never stayed a full day home because I used to leave to baby sit, but then it got depressing it seemed like I had lost  touch with friends because we were all in a different places in our lives and I became so lonely. It all can get very over whelming especially a first time mommy. I am ready for things to feel normal to have a better schedule set up. I am going to start working soon and my step mom will be caring for her, for the mean time and we are also getting a new place very close to my parents. Being a mom for a whole year taught me a lot, it  has made me grow up even more it has opened my eyes to people, even lost a few friends and family members it seems, it has made me realize baby’s are not just cute it is so hard and exhausting. However it is totally worth seeing that precious little girl that loves me unconditionally as do I.


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