Terrible two’s or just tantrums?

Tomorrow Bella will be 16 mos. so she is months away from being two! So literally a few days ago she turned into a diva. She started out with a cold and lost her voice, and when she got her voice back she embraced it and has been using it full force. She has been being feisty towards everyone, crying /whining, hitting and being sensitive. I did read for 15-18 month old’s they will start to have behavioral issues because they get frustrated because they can’t express to you what is hurting or what they want- so maybe this is happening?… idk or maybe she is plain spoiled. Its stressful because I don’t want her to be a baby brat forever I want my sweet girl back, but then I can understand she is getting older not to mention she is going through a lot of changes. We have been staying at my mom’s for two plus weeks til our place is ready and I am sure she misses her room, her toys, her crib and her space and when we do move it might be overwhelming again because we are going to be in a new place and hopefully have her crib in her room and not ours!! Wish me luck!!


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