So it’s March already! What have I been up to, let’s see I turned 23 on the 2nd! It was the best birthday, my family gave me money, which was incredibly sweet considering I’m an adult now. Pat and I went shopping which was awesome I haven’t bought myself anything in soo long and to actually try something on and love what I see is just cray… we all know our body’s change with babies and I was stuck in this place where I couldn’t physically do something about my weight it seemed impossible. I think the first thing I had to do was start working, I know has nothing to do with weight but for me it did. I had to work again and find the old me so I did and then things just started falling into place. I have lost almost 30 lbs.!! Which is very exciting, I have no idea how much more I want to loose. Just because you loose the baby weight it isn’t voila! Bam your old body no your body structure is different, the hips especially. As for my princess she is almost 2! Ahh it’s just crazy to say that I love her so much, this age is where their little personalities just shine through. Let’s see she’s goofy, loves music!! Singing, dancing she has a beautiful voice, she loves to help mommy around the house, she is trying to dress herself and talk more. It’s bittersweet because as a parent you love to watch them grow and enjoy every stage however knowing that I won’t get yesterday back is the hardest.


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