So it’s March already! What have I been up to, let’s see I turned 23 on the 2nd! It was the best birthday, my family gave me money, which was incredibly sweet considering I’m an adult now. Pat and I went shopping which was awesome I haven’t bought myself anything in soo long and to actually try something on and love what I see is just cray… we all know our body’s change with babies and I was stuck in this place where I couldn’t physically do something about my weight it seemed impossible. I think the first thing I had to do was start working, I know has nothing to do with weight but for me it did. I had to work again and find the old me so I did and then things just started falling into place. I have lost almost 30 lbs.!! Which is very exciting, I have no idea how much more I want to loose. Just because you loose the baby weight it isn’t voila! Bam your old body no your body structure is different, the hips especially. As for my princess she is almost 2! Ahh it’s just crazy to say that I love her so much, this age is where their little personalities just shine through. Let’s see she’s goofy, loves music!! Singing, dancing she has a beautiful voice, she loves to help mommy around the house, she is trying to dress herself and talk more. It’s bittersweet because as a parent you love to watch them grow and enjoy every stage however knowing that I won’t get yesterday back is the hardest.


Yes I can’t believe im saying this I have lost fifteen pounds!! Only five more to go to reach goal # 1 of 20 lbs. Im proud of myself.

We are a normal couple. On a journey to find ourselves because in the midst of parenthood and a thing called life we misplaced ourselves.

I’m back!

I am so excited to be blogging I have missed it! A lot has been going on since I last blogged, one I didn’t have internet when my hubster lost his job internet was not a priority, he started working months later but I have just now got my phone or should I say smart phone back, you almost can’t live without them. Two Bella is getting so freaking big. Three I almost deleted my blog because idk but I honestly love writing no I am not an author and I will have a billion run ons, who cares. And four I want to delete my beauty blog truth is I have a whole little laundry room ( no washer & dryer that is) full of makeup and beauty stuff so therefore I don’t go and buy any frequently. I am just not a legit beauty blogger. Mommy blogging is what is close to my heart and every now and then I’ll add a little this and that. Oh and five I am now a working mommy :).

Terrible two’s or just tantrums?

Tomorrow Bella will be 16 mos. so she is months away from being two! So literally a few days ago she turned into a diva. She started out with a cold and lost her voice, and when she got her voice back she embraced it and has been using it full force. She has been being feisty towards everyone, crying /whining, hitting and being sensitive. I did read for 15-18 month old’s they will start to have behavioral issues because they get frustrated because they can’t express to you what is hurting or what they want- so maybe this is happening?… idk or maybe she is plain spoiled. Its stressful because I don’t want her to be a baby brat forever I want my sweet girl back, but then I can understand she is getting older not to mention she is going through a lot of changes. We have been staying at my mom’s for two plus weeks til our place is ready and I am sure she misses her room, her toys, her crib and her space and when we do move it might be overwhelming again because we are going to be in a new place and hopefully have her crib in her room and not ours!! Wish me luck!!

I haven’t wrote about Isabella or anything in a while. Truth is I hardly have time to even sit down with a 15 month old!! Yes she is 15 months old already. The time flies as everyone says, but it is true you have to embrace every second you get with your children because that little baby you once had will only be a memory. Even though I am enjoying this stage or should I say this tiring stage I miss that little chunky baby that would just gaze at me. Today Bella actually had her 15 month check up and she is 20 lb 12 oz and she is growing and doing perfectly fine. I have taken a year to care for her because she was premature and because I could, and I am now ready to go back to school and work. At first I loved staying home with her even though I never stayed a full day home because I used to leave to baby sit, but then it got depressing it seemed like I had lost  touch with friends because we were all in a different places in our lives and I became so lonely. It all can get very over whelming especially a first time mommy. I am ready for things to feel normal to have a better schedule set up. I am going to start working soon and my step mom will be caring for her, for the mean time and we are also getting a new place very close to my parents. Being a mom for a whole year taught me a lot, it  has made me grow up even more it has opened my eyes to people, even lost a few friends and family members it seems, it has made me realize baby’s are not just cute it is so hard and exhausting. However it is totally worth seeing that precious little girl that loves me unconditionally as do I.


Hello everyone just wanted to share some blogs news. This blog initially was a mommy blog with a bit of beauty bits and since I have family and mommy readers AND beauty readers I decided to make it less confusing and separate them both. This blog will only be a mommy blog and I will have a separate beauty blog, only for beauty! called Lily’s Beauty Bar

L’OREAL Sublime Sunscreen Review

LOREAL Sublime Sunscreen ReviewI have been in the search of a good sunscreen I guess you could say I’m getting older and I want to start being more cautious about my skin although you should always wear sunscreen no matter what age! I just never knew the importance or even how sunscreen worked. I used to work at a tanning salon so yea you get it. Sunscreen confuses me because the numbers …. 12, 20, 35, 50 etc but after talking to a dermatologist I get it now! The numbers are minutes literally, how many minutes your covered. For your everyday life of school, work, errands etc your okay with applying sunscreen once a day however if you are out in the sun purposely say at the beach, pool, gardening, working out etc you need to reapply every 35,50 mins whatever number your sunscreen says. So enough preaching I was searching for a sunscreen picked this one up at Target on sale for $7.99 org ($9.99) not bad its spf 50. I have no problems with it I love it.

  • Most spf have that “spf smell” this one is very subtle
  • I apply a large pea size amount, it does feel thickish and greasyish, I apply it let it soak and absorb in my skin for 2 minutes
  • After 2 mins I apply my makeup. I don’t find my face to feel oily or get oily throughout the day which is a plus!
  • My makeup looks fine and stays that way all day
  • Recommend this product!

Forever 21 Makeup

 Today I went into Forever 21, and like always I browsed at there makeup (Love and Beauty) I noticed some cute packaging, black boxes with white polka dots it reminded me of Topshop makeup from the UK except theirs is white with black polka dots. I try to stay away from the makeup that resembles e.l.f. because I don’t care for it. I already own some f21 makeup like lipsticks, a highlighter that I love inside this eye shadow palette and a leopard blush that resembles Too Face leopard cheek blush, so I really do like the quality of Forever 21’s makeup or at least some of it. Well back to today,

  •    I got a orange lipstick in- Coral, its a nice orange lipstick comes in a black tube the tube itself feels fragile when applying so I have to be careful when I apply that.($2.80)
  •  And a black eye shadow in-Black, I was impressed with the quality of this black matte eye shadow very pigmented. It comes in a black pan the size of the bigger MAC eye shadow pans.($1.80)


Mother’s Day Haul

  • image Hope everyone  had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I had a great one spending it with my two loves. I wanted to share my goodies with you all, I treated myself to a few gifts and my sweetie got me some.


  • Yellow Mark Fisher handbag perfect for summer (ROSS)
  • Lip Fushion InFATuated lipgloss yay I was hoping to find these here (ROSS)
  • 2 tanks Pink see-threw top and Blue sheer tank (ROSS)
  • One of the candy “Shops”  Chocolate Pretzels at (Target)
  • 2 agendas one to keep my appt dates and one for notes and blog ideas etc. (Target)