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Philosophy at Big Lots Haul

Philosophy Haul

Philosophy is a skin care line carried at Sephora and Ulta they have all the good lotion and potions etc. I didn’t however know that they carried makeup. I went into “Big Lots” to see if they had any good makeup deals and I was thrilled to find Philosophy for $3 each when it retails for $25 and up. I got a cream highlighter which turns matte, a cream blusher in “feel warm all over”, eyeshadow palette in “box of truffles” and a foundation in “sand”. So go check out your Big Lots if you have one!

Face wipes!


I simply lovee these Simple cleansing face wipes. They are cleansing facial wipes (they have exfoliating ones too) claim to remove mascara, they have vitamins and are made by sensative skin experts for sensative skin and are made in the UK. I usually purchase the off brand wipes from Wally to remove my makeup on lazy days but since I saw that it said it removes mascara eventhough I didn’t believe that I decited to give them a try. I don’t have sensative skin but I do have sensative eyes, I hate using baby oil to remove mascara although it gets the job done it irrates my eyes and leaves them foggy looking for a while, then I bought eye makeup remover and that stung my eyes bad! Then I tried Nutragena wipes and that stung my eyes as well. So I tried a trial size of these and loved them and since then bought the reg pack they remove all mascara even clumpy thick many coats mascara. So definetly give these a try $5 and worth it.

It’s Isabella Gianna’s BIRTHDAY!


My little one turned 1 today! I can’t believe it. Yesterday we had a small family gathering it was intially going to be bigger with friends but we decited to have something smaller with our family. It was a cupcake theme and Bella had a great time she enjoyed the family time, food and gifts! Thank you all for coming. Now im going to enjoy my day with my princess and take it all in.

2nd DIY


I kinda got this idea of Pinterest, well the picture showed like a old log/ stick tht was flat with vintage doorknobs and there was necklaces hanging off of it. Although that was cute I needed something fast and I thought of a regular coat rack as a necklace holder. The store these days carry more modern ones with hooks and I didn’t think that would be pratical or hold my many necklaces lol. So I ran into Goodwill and found this country wood style one with hearts on it, sprayed painted it white and it was perfect!

Monday’s Organizing DIY


This week I will be posting some DIY ideas sorry the quality of the pictures are not the greatest I am working on getting a good camera for blogging cause I would love to make it a little bit more about stuff I love such as shopping , makeup etc. So before these shelves I had all of my hair products, skincare, lotions etc. scattered in my bathroom counter which got on Pats nerves and mine it was a bit too messy, I have no other space in my bathroom to store them and putting them under the sink would be a huge no no I have to visually see everything I use. Last weekend I was at Marshalls and saw these shelves for $14 and Pat and I thought it would be a great idea to store my hair products they also had them in a expresso color but the white matches my decor in my bedroom, this is hanging in my vanity area you could hang these in your bathroom or wherever. You can also find these type of shelves at Target, Walmart or even Ross in the house decor area. The idea is to think outside the box Pinterest is filled with ideas like this where you take” something” that has nothing to do with it and make it convinient for you.

My baby girl

I feel like im reading a book and the pages are turning before I finish reading the page. Every parent says that the first birthday flys by, and boy is that an understatement. It is quite bittersweet that Isabella’s birthday is a few weeks away. I feel very blessed to have been with her everyday every moment watching her grow and discover new things. If someone would have shown me a picture of Bella today when she was just a little ladybug in the nicu I would have said no way, and probably have been a little less worried. She is so active into everything, talkative, shakes her little head no at me when I tell her to stop and most of all I see a very happy little girl and I like to think that her daddy and I have something to do with that. I love you little mama

Momma on the go

Im a stay at home mom, kinda except I don’t stay home all day. At 3 I leave fifteen minutes away to pick my cousin up from the bus give him a snack, start homework and wait for my aunt to get off work at 5. Also Pat used to work 3rd shift so he pretty much was home with me during the day and helped a lot with Isabella. Today Pat starts working 1st shift at this temporary job til he starts working with my dad again on 1st shift though. Last time I did it all alone Bella was 3 months old and a preemie so she basically was 1 month old which meant she slept a ton! Now she is almost 1 and a very hyper active almost 1 year old. So im a little nervous, so far its 9:30 am and I have taken a shower, Bella a bath and cleaned up while she is napping all I have to do is get ready while she is sleep then get her ready. Then we will go to the mall, she does great at the mall so im hoping it stays that way. Were going to get her daddy a gift because his birthday is Thursday! Then go to Walmart for some ingredients to bake him homeade cupcakes and Bella some diapers, then my mom’s house. Ok wish me luck!!

Its my birthday!


Its my birthday and ill cry if I want to, lol. Today I am 22 yrs young, I really like the number so random but 21 sounds cooler :). 98% of my birthdays it rains it is actually soppose to rain today, it always makes me sad but not this year maybe because I have two amazing people to share my birthday with, my daughter and fiance’. As a kid it is exciting to have birthdays when your an adult it feels like a regular day. Anyways my plans for today Ive already cleaned, so next shower round brush my hair, paint my nails, and im making myself sugar cookie bars mmmm can’t wait I have been working out a lot so I deserve it. Later we might go to dinner depends if im down, I might have a margarita since last year on my 21st bday I was pregnant. So yayy for me its my birthday!

So far so good

So far everything is going well as far as goals I set up for myself. I have been keeping up with my resolutions, no tv in the morning just cleaning up, working out, spending time with my family.

About working out, I get stressed out easily so instead of looking at the big picture and saying I have to loose x amount of weight and weigh myself everyday I have done a couple things. Instead of weighing myself and driving myself crazy checking how much weight I have lost I use a measuring tape that’s right don’t weigh yourself! Every week or so I measure how many inches I have lost, maybe in a month if im brave ill weigh myself. Next I have little goals to reach such as my birthday is this friday, 2 weeks ago I bought some cute white skinny jeans they zipped and buttoned at the store but I didn’t like the way I looked in them I decited to get them since I had just started working out, anyways a week later I tried them on and they looked a hundred times better, so my goal was to look good for my bday. My next goal will be April my daughters first birthday then summer etc. I think its fun to buy some jeans or find some jeans in your closet that either don’t fit or look right and challenge yourself to look good in them (the jean challenge) yes!

As far as working out goes I have been doing this Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd and my eleptical first day I started out at ten mins and now im up to twenty five mins yay its a beast though. And of course I have made changes to what I eat.